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Quelot RE18 UT

The new 2018 Quelot RE18 lineup continues the tradition of premium distance performance along with premium quality and manufacturing. Focusing on achieving the dream of more distance for all golfers the Quelot RE18 series takes Geotech's technological design and advancements to a new level. The Quelot RE18 SLE UT is a premium performance utility. Designed for players who desire an easy launch in any lie sacrificing control and directional stability, and for those who want a forgiving utility wood that is easier to hit than long irons and useful in many situations.


The new QUELOT RE18 UT creates more accurate second shots thanks to a redesigned loft angle and center of gravity position. Easy and stable high launch makes that second shot easier from any lie!

Powerful C455 Maraging Face

A new variable thickness Custom 455 Maraging face creates more powerful deflection force and paired with the new Power Sole design, a change in loft angle and center of gravity position, result in an easy and stable high trajectory shot. Hit your second shot straighter and further from any lie with more confidence and ease!

More forgiving, easy to launch

A higher loft of 22 degrees on the U3 and a low center of gravity at 19.9mm as well as some added offset produce a powerful impact with a stable high trajectory. Aim at the pin with full confidence thanks to the club’s large sweet spot. Betters scores and better course management.

Quelot RE18 UT Specification

Face Angle
Face Height
U3 22 60 222 0 32 106
U4 24 60 227 0 31.5 104
U5 26 61 232 0 31 102
U6 28 61 238 0 30.5 100
SS Height
SS Length
M.I (H)
19.9mm 11.4mm 25.2mm 40.8mm 20.5° 3334gcm2
*Head Cover included
Hosel Outer
Hosel Inner
Country of Origin
12.5m/m 8.55m/m Taiwan