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Quelot RE18 FW

The new 2018 Quelot RE18 lineup continues the tradition of premium distance performance along with premium quality and manufacturing. Focusing on achieving the dream of more distance for all golfers the Quelot RE18 series takes Geotech's technological design and advancements to a new level. The Quelot RE18 SLE FW is a premium performance fairway wood. Designed for players who desire an easy launch for more carry distance without sacrificing control and directional stability, and for those who want a forgiving fairway wood that is easy to hit for more distance on that second shot. Beautiful looks, beautiful distance.


The new QUELOT RE18 FW features a new design with a center of gravity based on loft setup. An easy high launch results in big distance for more distance on that second shot!

Powerful C455 Maraging Face

A new variable thickness Custom 455 Maraging face creates more powerful deflection force and paired with the new Power Sole design, a change in loft angle and center of gravity position, result in an easy and stable high trajectory shot. Hit your second shot straighter and further especially on those long par 5 holes!

More forgiving, better direction

By using a head with the left right Moment of Inertia similar to a driver at 3905gcm2, forgiveness is improved considerably. Even on off center shots, the ball remains straight and powerful and the head does not twist off line. Straighter shots means better course management and club selection.

Quelot RE18 FW Specification

Face Angle
Face Height
3W 16 60 208 H0.5 34 195
5W 19 60.5 213 0 33.5 186
7W 21 60.5 218 0 33 182
SS Height
SS Length
M.I (H)
25.7mm 8.2mm 34.0mm 36.2mm 28.5° 3905gcm2
*Head Cover included
Hosel Outer
Hosel Inner
Country of Origin
12.5m/m 8.55m/m Taiwan