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Quelot RE18 α-SPEC Driver

The new 2018 Quelot RE18 lineup continues the tradition of premium distance performance along with premium quality and manufacturing. Focusing on achieving the dream of more distance for all golfers the Quelot RE18 series takes Geotech's technological design and advancements to a new level. The Quelot RE18 α-SPEC Driver is a premium performance NON-Conforming Hi-Cor driver. Designed for players who desire the most distance with no limits and who refuse to sacrifice quality and finish. Beautiful looks, beautiful distance.


The new QUELOT RE18 α-SPEC head features a newly designed Hi-COR non conforming head for even more distance.

By going beyond the limits to improve the efficiency of energy transfer at impact, the result is a huge jump in initial ball speeds for more carry and more overall distance.


The shape of the head contributes to more efficient energy transfer by using a round crown structure matched with a Power Sole design. This helps the face store and release more energy to the ball at impact and creates a wider sweet spot.

A Hi-COR face equals powerful shots even on misses

A newly designed ultra thin Hi-COR SP700 titanium face increases repulsion force over a wider area including the heel side. This helps create a bigger sweet spot and minimizes lost distance even on off center hits. In a test with average golfers, the average smash factor increased by about 6.5%!


A fusion of forgiveness and control

By creating a head with the optimal MOI (Moment of Inertia) we are able to achieve the right balance between forgiveness and stability.  This allows the player more flexibility over 18 holes and helps with not only performance but course management. Hit it long and far on a wide fairway or direct it down a narrow fairway sided by trees. The perfect balance.

Optimal CG helps square impact and a powerful trajectory

If the center of gravity is too low in a head, distance performance can suffer due to spin and lack of direction (side spin – left and right). The optimal center of gravity is set at a moderate height which benefits both ball flight and stability. In our tests, the new head was able to reduce side spin by 20.5% over standard drivers.

Increase weight : Swing Weight Adjust System

The new Quelot head can take advantage of Geotech’s SWA System (Swing Weight Adjust System) which allows an extension weight to be placed in the hosel of the driver. This allows club makers to tweak the overall club for length and performance based on each golfer.

Quelot RE18 α-SPEC Driver Specification

Face Angle
Face Height
1W(LT) 9.5 59.5 194 H1 57 460
1W(MT) 10.5 59.5 194 H1 57 460
1W(HT) 11.5 60 192 H2 56.5 460
1W(FT) 12.5 60 192 H2 56.5 460
SS Height
SS Length
M.I (H)
35.6mm 21.9mm 37.2mm 43.5mm 23.5° 4138gcm2
*Head Cover included
Hosel Outer
Hosel Inner
Country of Origin
12.5m/m 8.55m/m Taiwan