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Quelot RE16 SLE Driver

Going on 16 years as a premium product line from Geotech, the Quelot series has been helping golfers meet their distance dreams. Over the years, it's technological evolution has advanced in parallel with innovations at Geotech, all with a focus on distance performance. Thoroughly embraced by the recreational golfer who with Quelot not only dream of more distance but experience it as a reality.

The Quelot RE16 series is the new 2016 model with an all new design and an all new level of performance. The Quelot RE16 SLE Version is the conforming high performance premium model of the Quelot RE16 line. Premium quality and premium performance.



For the senior and better player who wants wonderful distance performance driver in the semi-lightweight category, the RE16 SLE is a conforming head which provides balance in stability, workability and forgiveness. The RE16 SLE allows a player to manage the course and still achieve maximum distance performance for an exciting round of golf!

Dual High Speed Area for more distance and forgiveness

A dual high speed area maximizes the COR within the legal conforming limits for faster initial ball speeds and a larger overall sweet spot. A unique high speed SP700 titanium alloy face utilizes dual high velocity areas unprecedented distance performance and forgiveness in a conforming driver.

Confidence inspiring mid-sized shape

Compared to many 460cc driver heads today which are overly large at address, the RE16 SLE Driver provides a confidence inspiring middle sized shape. One preferred by the senior and better player for not only  big distance but also for shot making and direction.

Swing Weight Adjust System

The Aero Sole design not only helps stabilize the head though the swing but the slits from front to rear also streamline the air flow through the channels for increased swing speed.

Semi-Light Design

The RE16 SLE driver was designed to be a semi-light head which allows for just the right balance in club length for more distance, more control, and more consistency.

Swing Weight Adjust System

The RE16 SLE Driver can take advantage of Geotech’s SWA System (Swing Weight Adjust System) which allows an extension weight of 1-4g to be placed in the hosel of the driver. This allows club makers to tweak the overall club for length and performance based on each golfer.

Quelot RE16 SLE Driver Specification

Face Angle
Face Height
1W 9.5 59 194 H0.5 57.5 460
1W 10.5 59.5 194 H1 57.5 460
SS Height
SS Length
M.I (H)
34.7mm 21.8mm 37.4mm 40.00mm 23.0° 4152gcm2
*Head Cover included
Hosel Outer
Hosel Inner
Country of Origin
12.5m/m 8.55m/m Taiwan