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Going on 16 years as a premium product line from Geotech, the Quelot series has been helping golfers meet their distance dreams. Over the years, it's technological evolution has advanced in parallel with innovations at Geotech, all with a focus on distance performance. Thoroughly embraced by the recreational golfer who with Quelot not only dream of more distance but experience it as a reality.

The Quelot RE16 series is the new 2016 model with an all new design and an all new level of performance. The Quelot RE16 Forged CNC Cavity is the high performance premium model iron of the Quelot RE16 line. Premium quality and premium performance.

Easy swing equals more consistent play


Catch the ball well for that pure feeling shot with the new Quelot RE16 Forged CNC Cavity Iron. Designed for a wide range of golfers who all appreciate a soft feeling iron that also provides ease of use as well as great control and workability. The balance of distance, direction and shot feeling are all designed to improve the experience of golfing and of hitting a great shot.

Forged in Japan to bring that soft impact that seniors and better players prefer, an ultra gooseneck design is combined with an ultra low center of gravity with a wide sweet spot for easy use. The semi-wide sole helps reduce missed shots and promote better contact with the ball in various conditions.

Ultra Gooseneck design

The RE16 Forged CNC Cavity Back features an ultra gooseneck with increased face progression (-1mm) which help the player square to the ball for more pure impact. A more upright lie and a large center of gravity angle at 15 degrees promotes the head rotation to square at impact for more consistent shot making.

Comfortable view at address

While the head is designed to be on the oversized with a face length of 85mm, the heel side of the face with kept low and straighter, polished to provide a thinner appearance.  This gives the impression at address that the head is smaller than it in fact is.

CNC Machined Cavity

Precision CNC machining of the cavity provide a look of luxury and quality. This machining also has a functional value to help create optimal weight distribution and create an undercut in the center for a low center of gravity and a wider sweet spot.

QUELOT Forged CNC Cavity IRON Specifications

5I 24 61.5 252 -1 0
6I 27 62 259 -0.5 0
7I 30 62.5 266 -0.2 B1.5
8I 34 63.0 273 0 B1.5
9I 38 63.5 280 0.4 B3
PW 43 64 288 0.8 B4.5
SS Height
Gravity Depth
SS Distance
Gravity Angle
Face Length
M.I (Left/ Right)
18.0mm 12.0mm 39.5mm 15.0° 85.0mm 2528gcm2
Hosel Outer
Hosel Inner
Country of Origin
13.2m/m 9.5m/m JAPAN
*Conforms to SLE Groove Rules