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Quelot Aerial Utility

Geotech's Quelot Aerial series is their premium line of clubs made for easy distance all the time. The Aerial clubs focus on light weight concept and technology to maximise not only overall distance but also the ease of use in obtaining that distance.

The Aerial Utility is for those players who shy away from longer irons and need a utility which is easy to swing and with high forgiveness. Big distance from any lie!

Key Product Features

Ultra thin face creates more distance

The Quelot Aerial Utilities focus on testing the limits of performance. Performance is maximized by utilizing an ultra thin maraging variable thickness face. The thinnest part of the face is only 1.6mm thin which also contributes to a weight decrease in the overall head weight.

The Aerial UT provides an easy launch from various lies and a stable trajectory for those who struggle to gain distance from their long irons.

  • Ultra Light
  • Ultra Easy
  • Ultra Distance

Luxury finish, Premium feel

For many golfers, looks are as important as performance so all Aerial models features a high quality purple PVD finish on the sole and face. An elegant look which provides a sense of luxury.

Swing Weight Adjust System

The Aerial UT can take advantage of Geotech’s SWA System (Swing Weight Adjust System) which allows an extension weight of 1-3g to be placed in the hosel of the head. This allows club makers to tweak the overall club for length and performance based on each golfer.

Quelot Aerial Utility Specifications

Face Angle
Face Height
U3 19 60 220 H0.5 32 130
U4 21 60.5 225 H0.5 31.5 125
U5 24 61 230 H0.5 31 120
SS Height
SS Length
21.2mm 10.1mm 26.5mm 36.0mm 22.0* 3013gcm2
*Head Cover not included
Hosel Outer
Hosel Inner
Country of Origin
12.5m/m 8.55m/m Taiwan