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Quelot Aerial Iron

Geotech's Quelot Aerial series is their premium line of clubs made for easy distance all the time. The Aerial clubs focus on light weight concept and technology to maximise not only overall distance but also the ease of use in obtaining that distance.

The Quelot Aerial Iron is a maximum performance iron designed to provide huge distance and automatic ease of use.

The 5 to 9 irons feature a hyper maraging body and ultra thin face which creates a huge sweet spot. Matched with strong lofts (23* for the 5 iron), the Quelot Aerial iron provides higher ball speeds and increased distance over a conventional soft forged iron.

Key Product Features

Easy launch with an easy swing

The light weight head, matched with a low center of gravity and longer club length allow for an easy launch with an easy swing. The wide sweet area and wide sole, along with a shorter neck create stability, consistency and more overall distance and direction.

The wedges in the set, PW AW and SW, emphasize feel, control and stability and are manufactured using a soft stainless steel.

  • Ultra Light
  • Ultra Easy
  • Ultra Distance

All around forgiveness

The Quelot Aerial Iron features a wider face (heel to toe) which minimises miss hits (exceptionally high left right MOI for an iron of 2415gcm2). The iron features some offset which helps players square to the ball at impact for more pure shots. A wider sole with a crescent cut grind allows for more friendly interaction with the turf, reducing fat shots.  An overall thicker appearance at address provides powerful confidence and a sense of security in this automatic iron.

Quelot Aerial Irons Specifications

5I 23 60.5 249 2 0
6I 26 61 255 2 B1
7I 30 61.5 261 2 B2
8I 34 62 268 2 B3
9I 39 62.5 275 2 B4
PW 44 63 282 3 B5
AW 49 63.5 289 4 B6
SW 55 63.5 294 4.5 B11
SS Height
Gravity Depth
SS Distance
Gravity Angle
Face Length
M.I (Left/ Right)
20.6mm 11.9mm 41.0mm 12.9* 83.5mm 2415gcm2
Hosel Outer
Hosel Inner
Country of Origin
13.5m/m 9.45m/m Taiwan
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