Prototype RF900 α-SPEC Hi-COR Driver

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Prototype RF900 α-SPEC Hi-COR Driver

Geotech's Prototype RF line of clubs has always been admired for it's classic shape and higher back crowns. A superb combination of performance and value, the Prototype RF series appeals to a wide range of golfers wanting to play a more balanced driver for both distance and control.

The all new RF900 α-SPEC Hi-COR Driver pursues the ultimate in non conforming Hi-COR distance by focusing on maximizing ball speeds along with maximum forgiveness for ultimate distance performance.

Key Product Features

Oversize Head = Oversized Sweet Spot

Without being bound by a 460cc limit, we are able to create a face that not only has maximum rebound performance but also a stimulating sound at impact. With a goal of increasing forgiveness and ball speeds at impact, we determined that the distance between the face, crown and sole would have to increase and the only way to do this would be to go beyond 460cc’s. The RF900 at 530cc’s ignores all rules in creating the biggest face with largest rebound area.

Beyond 460cc's @ 530cc

Besides creating an overwhelming sense of confidence, the 530cc head of the RF900 allows for extra high energy transfer thanks to the larger face and deep and long center of gravity placement. The sweet spot expands in all areas thanks to a taller and wider face minimizing distance lost on off center strikes. The RF900 provides unprecedented distance performance and ease of use!

Prototype RF900 α-SPEC Hi-COR Driver Specification

Face Angle
Face Height
1W 9.5 60 194 0 60 530
1W 10.5 60 194 0 60 530
1W 11.5 60 194 0 60 530
SS Height
SS Length
M.I (H)
40.5mm 20.6mm 38.6mm 46.9mm 23.8* 4009gcm2
*Head Cover not included
Hosel Outer
Hosel Inner
Country of Origin
13.5m/m 8.6m/m China