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Prototype RF800 Fairway Wood

Geotech's Prototype RF line of clubs has always been admired for it's classic shape and higher back crowns. A superb combination of performance and value, the Prototype RF series appeals to a wide range of golfers wanting to play a more balanced driver for both distance and control.

The new Prototype RF800 line improves on it's designs with new technology and and appearance and most of all performance!

Key Product Features

Low Spin and Stability

Geotech’s Prototype RF800 Fairway wood focuses on providing a strong and powerful trajectory along with the ease of use that will provide you confidence during your round.

If the CG is too shallow and forward, the sweet area of a club can be reduced. In a smaller head like a FW or UT, the CG placement needs to be optimal in order to achieve the best performance on the course. Based on our research and designs, a more central placement of the CG will yield great distance and great ease of use while still maintaining a powerful trajectory.

Low Friction Sole

The club features a low friction sole design which reduces drag with the turf when hitting the ground at/before ball impact. This design also helps the club move more freely through the rough and more adverse conditions.  A forgiving sole is key in fairway woods and utilities in helping make more pure contact.  Better contact equals better distance and direction.

By altering the thickness in the sole, the weight distribution is improved and the overall head design strengthened producing more efficient energy transfer.

Prototype RF800 Fairway Wood Specification

Face Angle
Face Height
3+W 13 58 210 H0.5 32.5 170
3W 15 58 210 0 32 170
5W 18 58.5 215 S0.5 31.5 165
7W 21 59 220 S0.5 31.5 160
SS Height
SS Length
M.I (H)
23.7mm 7.7mm 27.8mm 33.9mm 21.8* 3527gcm2
*Head Cover not included
Hosel Outer
Hosel Inner
Country of Origin
13.0m/m 8.55m/m China