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Muso AP Shaft

The all new MUSO AP shaft from Geotech is a full 80t high modulus carbon shaft made in 3 different weight classes for those who want no compromises when it comes to shaft performance. The MUSO AP is also finished in an RMP (Real Metal Plating) finish which gives it a premium look to match it's premium materials.

The 80t layers includes a 45 degree bias layer for stability and control. The low torque MUSO AP provides maximum directional control which is complimented by the great feel and kick of high modulus carbon.

The 3 models AP-5, AP-6 and AP-7 feature similar stiffness profiles with the overall hardness increasing as the shafts get heavier. A stiffer butt section matched with a medium mid and tip section create a controlled whip like sensation creating a low spin big carry and run drive.

80t High Modulus Carbon

Lower grade shafts are more flexible due to more rubber particles and because of this the these shafts are slow to regain its original shape on the downswing creating inconsistent impact where a player must rely heavily on timing due to the flexibility of the shaft.

As the tensile strength increases, the carbon weaves are more dense, more rigid and return more quickly to their original shape. The flex and rebound of the shaft becomes more predictable equaling more consistent shots and much tighter dispersion. The higher tensile ratings ratings in golf shafts are also related to the higher grades containing more glass and metal particles which are more rigid. The MUSO AP is designed to provide more feel and explosiveness, thanks to very active wall sections which lead to very high but controlled elasticity.

Muso AP Shaft Specification

Tip Dia.
Butt Dia.
MUSO AP-5 R 46 57.5g 3.1* 8.5 15.40 Low-Mid
MUSO AP-5 S 46 58.5g 3.1* 8.5 15.40 Low-Mid
MUSO AP-6 SR 46 64.5g 3.1* 8.5 15.40 Low-Mid
MUSO AP-6 S 46 67.0g 3.0* 8.5 15.50 Low-Mid
MUSO AP-6 X 46 68.0g 3.0* 8.5 15.70 Low-Mid
MUSO AP-7 S 46 73.5g 2.6* 8.5 15.20 Low-Mid
MUSO AP-7 X 46 74.5g 2.6 8.5 15.20 Low-Mid