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Muso Aerial Shaft

The MUSO shaft line is Geotech's own in house high performance shaft line. The MUSO Aerial is specifically designed for light weight driver builds with a focus on distance performance. When pairing the MUSO Aerial with the Quelot Aerial drivers, you get a high performance club with ultra light weight, maximum feel, and superb distance performance.

Targeted at slower swingers and seniors and lady golfers, this 40g range shaft comes in two flexes we dub as Uni-1 and Uni-2 (Uni-1 being the softer of the two). The higher torque MUSO Aerial uses 40t high modulus carbon in it's main section as well as bias layer for additional stability and performance.

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Muso Aerial Shaft Specification

Tip Dia.
Butt Dia.
UNI-2 46 42.5g 6.4* 8.5 15.05 Low-Mid
UNI-1 46 41.0g 6.4* 8.5 15.05 Low-Mid