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Kailas STB Driver Hi-COR

The new 2018 KAILAS lineup provides high performance at a reasonable cost. Designed for maximum ease of use and stability. The KAILAS is easy to use and great to look at at. Stable long distance with a sense of acceleration and power. The KAILAS STB Driver HI COR goes beyond the limits for even more distance!


The new KAILAS STB driver provides a huge sense of security and confidence thanks to it’s larger size and sharper shape.  The KAILAS series is designed with technology to provide maximum ease of use and stability.

Powerful face for even more ball speeds

A new high repulsion face that exceeds limits (Non conforming Hi COR). Increased ball speeds and increased forgiveness equals stable flight distance.

Confident and forgiving

A larger head designed to create a sense of speed thanks to reduced volume in heel portion. Swing this forgiving head shape with confidence.

Soft forgiving feel

The weight in the head has been strategically placed deep and low on the sole. This creates an easy high and stable trajectory.

Kailas STB Driver Hi-COR Specification

Face Angle
Face Height
1W 10.5 60 192 H0.5 56 460
1W 11.5 60 192 H1 56 460
1W 12.5 60 192 H1.5 56 460
SS Height
SS Length
M.I (H)
37.0mm 19.0mm 37.5mm 46.7mm 21.3° 3960gcm2
*Head Cover included
Hosel Outer
Hosel Inner
Country of Origin
12.3m/m 8.55m/m China