GT Precision Milled C-0801 Putter

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GT Precision Milled C-0801 Putter

Geotech's GT Series has always represented the best in design and technology from our brand. It's performance oriented enough for the better player, but also offers enough ease of use for the improving golfer. It's the all around lineup for a wide range of players who don't want to cut corners when it comes to performance. The new GT Precision Milled Putter series features top quality precision CNC manufacturing to produce consistent performing and awesome feeling putters that will help you put the ball in the hole.


The new GT Precision Milled Putters are 100% CNC machined from the block from soft iron steel. The symmetrical design allows for exact alignment increasing accuracy and for making straighter putts. Tungsten weighting is placed in the sole at the toe and heel position to increase MOI and forgiveness. A high class PVD finish provides a luxurious look and also reduces glare.

Balance of Stability and Control

The GT C-Model putters have a moderate center of gravity depth and moment of inertia. This creates the optimal balance between stability and control. Functionally it improves the ability to putt straight and at the same time visually the sharp shape and lines make it easy for alignment and control. For those who want a more conventional pin type shape.

Balanced head with consistent stroke

Using a straight in center shaft creates a balanced head which is easy to take back and forward for a more consistent stroke. By using a design with no neck, the center of gravity is pushed lower making it easy to catch the ball with an upper blow for more forward rotation, earlier on the ball.

GT Precision Milled C-0801 Putter Specification

Face Length
Tip Size
Head Cover
3 72 380 94mm 9.45mm Yes