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GT Forged W-215 Wedge

Geotech's GT Series has always represented the best in design and technology from our brand. It's performance oriented enough for the better player, but also offers enough ease of use for the improving golfer. It's the all around lineup for a wide range of players who don't want to cut corners when it comes to performance.

Our new GT Forged W-215 is designed for even the most demanding golfer. Looks, feel and of course performance are all a big part of the W-215.

Key Product Features

Form and Feel

It can be said that of all golf clubs, the wedge is the club that many purists look to for a clean and beautiful design. It’s shape at address, it’s curves, top line and neck are all a big factor in how it appeals to each player’s eyes. The GT Forged W-215 has a tear drop shaped face with a smooth flowing curve that connects the top line to a straight neck. Dyed in black, it is a subtle look that does not distract or create glare in the sun. It lines up to a ball with ease and says put it where you want it.

Workable Grind

The GT Forged W-215 features a flat moon grind on the sole. It’s a versatile grind favored by better players thanks to its ability to manipulate loft and direction by opening the face.  It’s straight leading edge aims right at the target and it’s design allows for play around the greens, in the bunker and for any high control high spin shot required.

Extra Bite

The GT Forged W-215 is unplated and dyed black. So this raw head provides pure feel and maximum bite for maximum spin from it’s USGA conforming grooves. Frame the ball perfectly and have no worries on sunny days of glare. Just aim and shoot!

GT Forged W-215 Wedge Specification

GW 50 63.5 295 4.0 B8
AW 52 64 300 5.0 B8
SW 56 64.5 302 5.5 B12
SW 58 64 302 6.5 B10
Hosel Outer
Hosel Inner
Country of Origin
13.5m/m 9.45m/m Japan
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