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GT Forged I-215 Iron

Geotech's GT Series has always represented the best in design and technology from our brand. It's performance oriented enough for the better player, but also offers enough ease of use for the improving golfer. It's the all around lineup for a wide range of players who don't want to cut corners when it comes to performance.

Geotech's all new for 2015 GT Forged I-215 iron appeals to all levels of golfers from the improving player all the way up to a higher handicapper. With an emphasis on all around performance include automatic ease of use, the made in Japan I-215 creates an emphasis on great forged feel. The new GT Forged I-215 is here to help you lower your scores and enjoy golf more!

Key Product Features

Super soft Japanese forging with ultra precision CNC machining

The new GT Forged I-213 was designed with a focus on all around performance. This was achieved not only though the head’s functional design but also by it’s visual appearance and quality of manufacturing.

With no compromises, we sought out a premium Japanese forging complimented by ultra precsion CNC machining to create our highest quality iron yet!

Soft sponge like feel at impact

We chose a super soft carbon steel (S15 equivalent) to create a sponge like effect at impact. When the ball strikes the face, it feels as if it is being absorbed or that it sticks to the face for a split second longer. This results in a more efficient energy transfer and a more ballistic trajectory.

This ball compression at impact is preferred by many golfers today as it provides the purest sensation in feel.

Low and wide center of gravity

The back face/cavity of the new GT Forged I-213 features extremely precise CNC machining. Along with having the look of premium workmanship and quality, the design results in optimal weight distribution with a low but wide CG placed at 20.3mm.  This wide CG design creates a super forgiving iron with a side to side MOI of  2566cm2.

Optimal shape and size

The overall design of the GT Forged I-213 has been careful thought out. With slight offset and a slightly wider sole, the iron produces confidence at address.

A crescent cut leading edge allows for cleaner contact with the ball. The face length of 76mm adds to the wider sweet spot, eliminating lost distance and direction on of center shots towards the toe and heel.

GT Forged I-215 Iron Specification

4I 22 60 247 2 B2
5I 25 60.5 254 2 B2
6I 28 61 261 2.5 B3
7I 32 61.5 268 2.5 B3
8I 36 62 276 3 B4
9I 40 62.5 284 3.5 B4
PW 45 63 292 4.5 B5
SS Height
Gravity Depth
SS Distance
Gravity Angle
Face Length
M.I (Left/ Right)
20.3mm 14.6mm 37.2mm 12.5* 76.0mm 2566gcm2
Hosel Outer
Hosel Inner
Country of Origin
13.5m/m 9.45m/m JAPAN